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, pl.


(val'ŭm, -ă),
1. Any raised, more or less circular ridge.
2. The slightly raised outer wall of the circular depression, or fossa, surrounding a vallate papilla of the tongue.
[L. a rampart, fr. vallus, a stake]
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Edelman, M.D., Ph.D., who provided the earliest advice and encouragement to Vallum's management team.
Tim Cantle-Jones, chief executive of Blue Square Utilities, said: "We've been delighted by the response and can't thank our sponsors Vallum Associates and Utiligroup enough.
“The universal agent (GMI-Agent) is part of our quest to simplify the management of IT,” said Tony Perri, Vallum founder and director of business navigation.
Box Social's Craft Beer Engine and Errant Brewery will be stocked with local ales, while the Vallum team will be showcasing local gins and seasonal cocktails.
Throughout the day there will be tours of Vallum, which is not only a working dairy farm, but also houses a community of artisan smokers, growers, bakers, chefs and ice cream makers, who supply a tea room, restaurant and shop.
In its 10th year last year, Vallum has seen a significant addition with the conversion of more farm buildings to create wedding and events spaces, both offering entertaining spaces for hire that are serviced by food prepared by the farm's celebrated chefs and kitchens.
Daisy Hill East End were 4-0 winners at Vallum Unied while Benwell Sports lost by the same score at Greenside.
Also in the Premier Division, Joe Robson scored two for Greenside, 3-2 winners at Wallsend Labour; Roof Top defeated Walker Jubilee 5-3; Dom Shanley scored two goals for Vallum Utd in the 3-1 defeat of Westfield Social; and Daisy Hill East End drew 2-2 with Benwell Sports.
HE doors have opened on Vallum Farm's new look tea room and shop.