vallecular dysphagia

val·lec·u·lar dys·pha·gi·a

dysphagia caused by food that becomes lodged in a vallecula above the epiglottis.
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café coronary

Complete and abrupt upper airway obstruction by a bolus of food, often meat, which occludes the oesophagus and larynx, so named as the sudden onset of symptoms simulates acute myocardial infarction. Café coronaries victims are speechless, breathless and, without assistance (e.g., Heimlich manoeuvre), will die.
Clinical findings
Violent coughing, cyanosis, collapse, death.
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Alfred E., English physician, 1877-1949.
Barclay-Baron disease - dysphagia caused by food becoming lodged above the epiglottis. Synonym(s): vallecular dysphagia
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