diazonium salts

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di·a·zo·ni·um salts

salts of a theoretical base, R- N + ΞN or R-N=NOH, useful in histochemistry to demonstrate tissue phenols and aryl amines or with enzymatically released naphthols and naphthylamines to form the chromophore azo group -N=N-; diazonium salts contain only one R- N + ΞN group, tetrazonium salts contain two, and hexazonium salts contain three; examples include fast garnet GBC base and naphthol AS.
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The azo polymers (PAZ-ET, PAZ-CN, PAZ-NT, and PAZTZ) with strong push-pull azo chromophores were then prepared by the azo-coupling reaction between the precursor PAZ and diazonium salts of 4-aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester, 4-aminobenzonitrile, 4-nitroaniline, and 2-amino-5-nitrothiazole at 0[degrees]C in a polar organic solvent such as DMF.
Electrochemical transformations of [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] nanoparticles, carbon-coated nanoparticles, and iron nanoparticles coated with a layer of carbon and diazonium salts from the surface of the CPE under its cathodic and anodic polarization have been studied.
In the [1.bar] CV of Figure 4, the oxidation peak observed at around -0.50 V corresponds to a reduction of 4-carboxyphenyl diazonium salts to 4-carboxyphenyl radicals at the respective electrode on the 1st cycles (see, [1.bar] in Figure 5).
Moyano, "New application of heterocyclic diazonium salts. Synthesis of pyrazolo[3,4-d][1,2,3]triazin-4-ones and imidazo[4,5-d][1,2,3]triazin-4-ones," Tetrahedron Letters, vol.
Aromatic amines can be easily transformed to other functional groups (H, F, Cl, Br, I, OH and etc.) via their diazonium salts [5].
The first step in the synthesis of azo dyes is the conversion of amine compounds into diazonium salts. Graphene quantum dots produced in this research are used as the source of nitozonium to be used in this step.
It was found that 4-carboxyphenyl diazonium salts could be polymerized onto surface of the GCE as a phenyl carboxylic acid back bone.
Aryl diazonium salts; new coupling agents in polymer and surface science.
It provides guidance on selecting the appropriate aminating agent--whether haloamines, hydroxylamines, diazonium salts, azo compounds, or azides--for different types of carbon nucleophile.
(22) In order to achieve chemical bonding, chemically reactive forms of bonding components, such as alkylating agents, diazonium salts, anhydrides and acylatnig agents are used.
We studied the formation of a phenyl layer by electrochemical reduction of aryl diazonium salts (BF4-,+N2-ph- OCH3) on a p-Si-H (111) electrode in an aqueous medium (0.05M H2SO4 + 0.05M HF).